Monday, June 30, 2008

How to Build an Electric Motorcycle

The never boring and always interesting Popular Science brings us a cool DIY project conversion article called Riding Clean.

It is a step by step instruction manual to taking a Yamaha R1 motorcycle and converting it from gas power to electrical.

If I had the time and a spare $10k, I'd convert my Suzuki V-Strom even the resulting bike will be a bit of an eyesore, never having to suck it up and pay $4.50+ per gallon would kick ass and outweigh a little ugliness.

Oh yeah, also being able to accelerate to 100 mph in near silence (the bike's top speed is supposedly around 150!) would be super sweet too! The only downside to the quiet of the bike would be that I'd have to listen to the nimrods in their chopped Honda's listening to their crappy Mexican music too loud.
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