Sunday, July 06, 2008

New Shoes and a Mini Tune-Up

Finally got around to replacing my well used and worn out Panaracer Fire XC Pro tires. Well, actually just the rear as the front is still pretty good but will need a change before too long. Comparing the two tires is crazy to see just how beat up the old tire really was.

When I levered it off, I saw how beat up and cracked the sidewalls were and just how plain worn out the whole tire was. They've been great tires for how I ride and I don't see any reason to change. I do wish I'd gotten the blue replacement tire instead of the red but, now that its on, it looks kind of cool, a bright contrast to the blue frame.

I took advantage of having the bike out to clean it up a lot and adjust my shifting for cleaner movements. I probably took off close to a half pound of road grime, sludge and dust. Of course, that weight came right back on with the new tire but I should get better shifting, less friction and easier pedaling now. Not that I had any complaints before but I'm guessing I'll be ripping it up better than ever tomorrow when we get out.

I'm hoping to get out for a ride with John and Mike and their dogs so we'll have a full contingent and, hopefully, some good video possibilities. If chasing one dog is fun, chasing three should be excellent. The last video I shot didn't come out all that well because Nande wasn't in good running shape at the time. Tomorrow should be an improvement, I hope.

Next up on the bike list is to get the cranks pulled from the donated frame and get them installed on the Mojo, maybe with the sprockets too since they look to be in pretty good shape. And then I'd love to start getting the Szazbo back into running condition. It won't be cheap or easy but its such a cool and great bike that it deserves another run at glory.
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