Tuesday, August 03, 2004

John's Endo Recipe

A lot of you have asked what my recipe was for my endo on Mr. Toads. I've
heard comments like: "Wow... how could you look so foolish and pull off
something so spectacular at the same time?!" So I thought I would share my

1) First, find a technical section with lots of large rocks

2) Pick a bad line. The stupider line the better. Think ruts that end in
large boulders.

3) As you enter the bad line, be sure to oversteer. Move your body further
forward on the bike as the section gets nastier.

4) Here is the tricky part... just as your bike enters the hardest part of
the line, lodge your front wheel directly behind a sizable rock and
simultaneously grab a fistful of front brake. Timing is crucial with this step.

5) Launch!

While I cannot promise that you'll break your bike as often as I do, this
technique will put ensure that you are that much closer to some quality
upgrades for your bike. You might want to check the status of the
warrantees on your parts before implementing the aforementioned procedure.

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