Monday, August 02, 2004

Keith's Wild Ride

Or make that Keith's Wild Weekend Bachelor Party Rides. Last weekend a bunch of us gathered in Tahoe for a weekend of fun to celebrate Keith passing into the world of marriage. The weekend was filled with high Sierra epic single track, amazing scenery, a Mexican feast prepared by Chris & John, Smokapelli's Waboritas, Smokapelli's Epic Waffles, Chris' Super Strong Cofee Bongs (aka Moka w/ real Italian Lavazza coffee) and a nice shower & place to sleep ala condos at Northstar!

Here is the link to the pictures.

And here are a few short videos:

#1) John on Mr. Toads

#2) John on Mr. Toads

#3) Keith cleaning the steps on TRT

#4) Keith on Mr. Toads

#5) Rich on Mr. Toads

#6) Chris cleaning the TRT rock garden

#7) Chris riding the logs on Missing Link

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