Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Voodoo Woman Put the Spell on Rich

This was an email I got from Rich shortly after John's recipe for endo. Too funny not to share!

John's endo recipe was a riot. The following is a true story. Yesterday, in
an effort to get a quick workout in, I decided to bomb down Jones Bar ( in
my backyard ) to the Yuba and then spin back out, about a 45 minute round
trip. I packed light, left the camelback and forearm armor behind. Well, I
haven't "bombed" down Jones Bar since last winter when the road was buff and
grippy. I quickly discovered it was very loose, and sketchy with many
embedded rocks. I kept checking to make sure my suspension wasn't locked out
it felt so rough. I came flying around a blind corner and a women was
walking her two dogs on leash. The dogs went nuts as I locked it upand
skidded to the far side of the road from her. They were tugging at the
leashes to get at me and she was pulling hard and leaning into the poison
oak on the far side of the road. I apologized but I could see the daggers in
her eyes. Back up to warp speed I dive off road to take the D.H. option
which is a 400 yard elevator shaft which cuts off one of the switchbacks. It
gets a little rough in there so I slowed it way down but got tossed OTB
right at the very bottom where it dumps back onto the road. IF you had been
standing just up the hill a bit on the road you would have seen me come
tumbling out of the shrubbery followed by my bike cartwheeling behind me. I
managed to get away with only a bloody elbow ( those pads would have saved
me ). I swear a few oaths to the gods, remount and start gliding back up to
cruising speed and set myself up to bunny hop a downed branch that is
spanning the road bed. At the last second I see it is not a branch, it is a
rattlesnake and I barely manage to swerve around the tail end of it. More
oaths to the gods. Once I attain warp speed again I hit a particulary nasty
bit of embedded rock and pinch flat the rear. #@%* !! Fortunately I packed a
spare and the pump. All this happened in a matter of three or four minutes
after passing the woman with the dogs. Did she put some voodoo on me or

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