Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dusting Off for a Petition to Stop Discriminating Against Mountain Bikers!

Petitioning The U.S. Senate U.S. Forest Service: Stop Discriminating Against Mountain Bikers

 Recent proposed or actual closures in Montana, California and Colorado point to a disturbing trend in Forest Service management policies indicating a discriminatory bias towards mountain biking, but that may encompass other user groups in the future. (Link: trail-access-for-southern-california-mountain-bikers-under-threat(Montana Closure)
The most common reason  put forth by the Forest Service regarding mountain biking restrictions involves environmental degradation. But the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) has referenced numerous scientific studies that assert that mountain bikes create similar environmental impacts as hikers, and less impact than equestrians. (Link: Environmental Impacts of Mountain Biking: Science Review and Best Practices

I went and signed the petition and want to do what I can to try and get the petition spread as widely as possible. Trail closures do not prevent mountain bikers from riding, they merely prevent mountain bikers from riding legally.

And I'm sick and tired of cyclists in general being discriminated against. We're tax paying people too, we deserve to engage in our chosen pastimes without fear of persecution from car bumper or trail closed sign.
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