Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bike Links Round Up Redux

I need to do this more often than I do because there are always awesome things happening in the bicycling world. Here are some that I've come across recently. Painstakingly reconstructed after Blogger got drunk and had its awful, mean spirited way with my formatting.

Tioga's ZEROaxle MT-ZERO is one of the thinnest mountain bike pedals available, as it has ...Tioga releases super thin axleless pedals. I'm not a clip-in guy, I've tried it, hated it and went back to my Power Straps. I like these pedals though it looks like they'd snap under a decent impact even if I'm pretty sure they won't (otherwise Tioga will be replacing lots of them for free!).

 Duplex lever lets disabled cyclists activate both brakes with one hand. I am all for anything that helps as many people as possible get on two or three wheels and power themselves. Self-propulsion is self-empowering.

I have a test for you.

Okay. I know you've already looked at this pic but can you tell me what's wrong with it?

Yes, I can clearly see what's right with it.

And no, its not because she's not wearing a helmet or shoes.

She's dressed perfectly!

The Brompton Dock pilot project aims to make it easy for a commuter to rent a folding bike from a locker at a transit site, ride it to where they want to go, keep it for as long as they need and then return it when they're done and get billed for their time used. Seems pretty straightforward. It'll remain to be seen if the system can fly or not though.

Revolights aim to make you more visible and also make you look a bit like a light cycle from Tron. Not much but a bit.

I'm sure everyone reading this always wears a helmet when they ride but, if not, then here's a powerful personal example of why helmets are a very good thing (hat tip to Martha Stewart), Heads Up for Helmets even if they don't spell helmet correctly the first time (check the URL).

Paul Budnitz makes some pretty beautiful, clean, light and fast titanium town bikes. The one on the left there is the No2, the faster and more aggressive of the two bikes he's produced thus far. The bikes have great lines and are almost certainly fun and fast to ride. The only downside I can see is the price tag of $5500 for one. If I'm dropping $5k on a bike then its gonna be an Ibis Mojo, no question!
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