Monday, December 07, 2009

Banned from Cycling for 15 Years for BUI?

Student Caught Biking Drunk Banned from Cycling for 15 Years

Biking under the influence gets a cyclist a 15 year ban? How in the name of all that makes reasonable sense did this judgment get handed down?

I'm not advocating for drunk biking by any stretch but, from what I know, drunk driving laws are in place to protect people from causing massive damage and death by piloting a several ton vehicle while impaired. There is simply no possibility of a drunk bicycle causing even a tenth as much damage or harm that a drunk driver can cause.

This case makes no sense to me really. The only person put in harm's way by riding his bike drunk was the cyclist and he seems to have survived intact.

Yes, he was three times over the legal limit but so what? His potential for causing harm to anyone else was minimal.

Actually, what's gotten him in the real trouble is because he ignored a letter telling him he had to report for medical and psychological testing (for a mere 500 euro) from the driver's license bureau. Since he ignored it, he got a second letter letting him know he was forbidden from using any non-licensed vehicle for at least 15 years.

Which is, of course, ludicrous and stupid and wrong and a total waste of time and money to even consider trying to enforce.
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