Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Assortment of Bicycling Goodness

Here's a bunch of links I've had in drafts for a little while now so I thought I'd mash them all together into one linky pile of cycling awesomeness. Enjoy!

Josh Hadar - Hadar Metal Design

PedalPower+ charges cyclists' phones, GPS, iPods

Singletracks - a very strong collection of trails across the entire country. Good info.

BikeMapDude - need a trail map for places in California? Check this site out. I was able to download a free PDF trail map of Nisene Marks and the Soquel Demo Forest for signing up to be on his email list. The maps are aces!

Bike Party: Beach Blanket Bike Along - "See, in theory, Critical Mass ought to be a fun bunch of people showing that you can commute just as effectively as drivers. But, at least in San Francisco, it's just a bunch of ass-clowns. And if you hurt any number of my favorite San Francisco residents while they are commuting via public transit because you *have* to ride on the sidewalk to show how macho you are, you are not my bicyclist brother and I wish nothing more than you get the world's worst saddle sore the next day."

Gyrobike gyroscopic training wheels help kids learn to ride and features an internal spinning disk that helps stabilize the bike, reducing wobbles and slowing falls.

Reflective Roadway Tape Lights Your Bike Day or Night for Cheap [DIY]
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