Friday, October 03, 2008

Sad Story: Bicycle Commuter Killed in Roseville, CA

This is a very unfortunate accident which just happened in our local
community. I feel very sad for this man's family and friends. I am
really puzzled at how this could happen. The road where he was hit
and killed is very very wide, with huge bike lanes. I've ridden it
before and often ride on roads much narrower and even without
shoulders. At 4AM in the morning, there couldn't have been many other
cars on the road. I'd suspect drunk driving or drugs to eventually
turn up in this case. Stories like this make me never want to ride my
bike on the roads again. Then I realize I cannot live my live in fear
and deny myself doing what I love to do, ride my bike. The city of
Roseville even has a great "Share the Road" campaign with ads in
movies theaters, local magazines and newspapers as well. I hope
justice will be served in this case, and that other people will be
just a little more careful when bicycles are around.

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