Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Granite Bay MTB

I took Lex out to Granite Bay at Folsom Lake on Sunday afternoon for a little mountain biking. I've never been on the trails out there but had heard they were pretty mellow. As we arrived we were amazed at how low the lake was.

We were able to jam around the huge parking lot which is normally full of huge monster trucks and boat trailers. Now if you want to launch a boat you have to drive waaaay down to the shoreline past all the boat ramps and do a beach launch. The speed limit is 5mph on the lake so there are pretty much only fishermen out there now. Anyways we had fun riding up and down the boat ramps, jumping off some docks, and riding along the bottom of the lake which is usually 20-30' underwater.

Lex had to rip through a few puddles of course!

I didn't get any pictures on the singletrack, but Lex did great. He even chased after some guy who rode past us and said hello. He only had to get off and walk a couple of sections. Looking forward to going out there again soon.
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