Monday, October 20, 2008

Beauty is in the Eye, For Sure

A $110,000 Motorcycle as Ugly as It Is Expensive

The Renaissance Fighter by Confederate Motor Company will not be lacking in opinions as to its looks, value or sheer engineering wankery. I personally think its kind a kind of aesthetic beauty to it but that beauty is overshadowed by its many distracting and just plain weird elements (like the two flow through frame circles and the overly bobbed seat. The lights in the big fork tubes is a cool touch though.

I think its a far overpriced motorcycle but it still has some pretty cool stuff to offer. But yeah, if I had a spare $110K, I would not be spending it on this bike. I might spend some of it on a sweet bike but that would leave me with a huge pile of cash leftover.

Besides, I'm pretty sure my Suzuki V-Strom, at less than a tenth of the price, would smoke it pretty handily on Highway 9 above Boulder Creek. With that long wheelbase this thing is going to be slow from peg to peg but I'm sure its a flippin' demon in a straight line.
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