Monday, October 29, 2007

Great Write Up of the Funkiest 3 Wheeler Ever

First ride: Piaggio’s MP3 three-wheeled carver

The MP3 has been making waves ever since its introduction. Its a trike but with the two wheels up front and a very slick CVT transmission that imparts maximum thrust from a stand still. But the big thing is that crazy front end that puts two contact patches down in front and imparts maximum confidence in corners on pretty much any surface.

I will definitely try to get a test ride on one of these crazy things. And the larger 500cc displacement, Fucco (I know, terrible name for the US market), will be imported next year.

Sure, its a scooter but its a scooter that you can whale the heck out of and not worry about washing out your contact patch on the front end. For commuting, this would be great fun, unless you forget to put the tilt lock on when you come to a stop and tipover.
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