Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ready to Race

One of my goals for 2007 is to enter and compete in a few road races. I'm not looking to get on the podium. I just want to give it a try and do my best. To give myself one less excuse, I just plunked down the $ for a USA Cycling racing license. Last year I did the Mt. Diablo Hill Climb time trial. This year, I'll try a criterium, a road race and a regular time trial. I'll likely do the Diablo event again too. By entering in a few events it gives me something to work towards, a goal if you will. I'm hoping my first event will be the Land Park Criterium here in Sacramento. I just discovered that they have a kids 5 and under category as well, so I'm gonna try and get Lex into that. He wants to race so bad, so I figure a local event like this is ideal. It's a 300 yard race for the wee ones, and he will be sprinting for the line no doubt!
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