Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Music

I've come across some new music that I'm really digging right now, so I thought I'd share. I found both of these bands on the sountrack to a couple of the best mountain bike movies I've ever seen. These are not your typical heavy metal soundtrack featuring endless riders hucking themselves off the side of mountains. But rather capturing the flow of the ride and really trying to showcase more than just drops, hucks & huge airs. Of course there is plenty of that, but just so much more. What makes it even better is the cinematography, and the music they chose for the soundtracks. So check out these movies if you get a chance: The Collective and Roam

Now on to the music. The two bands I'm referring to in particular are Slackstring and Pepper. *Note: Pepper is playing at the Catalys in Santa Cruz on Tuesday, September 12th. Bummer it's a Tuesday, otherwise I'd consider driving down to check them out. They remind me alot of Inka Inka.

Anyways, Slackstring's song "Sunday Jen" is really cool and I'm looking forward to checking out their other music as well.

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