Tuesday, November 29, 2005

South Yuba - Late Fall 2005

There are some new photos up on TeamBaggy.com of last Saturday's ride on the South Yuba Trail up in the Nevada City area. Be sure to check out the pictures of the ladybug frenzy. It was really an amazing site to see!

Below is a post ride summary/report by Rich:

Keith, Jay and I stole a really nice trail ride this weeknd on
Saturday in between storm fronts. We ditched the plan to ride PCT from
Packer Saddle to Lavazolla Creek because of the weather and instead
set up a shuttle from above Washington to Edwards....So it was the
Alpha Road descent at 10 am with the temp hovering around 40...brrrr.
But it was nice and mostly sunny down in the river canyon, so we shed
a couple layers and enjoyed nice trail conditions all the way to
Edwards. No major mishaps, though Jay lost his front brake early in
the ride and this caused him to "survival ride" alot of the coolest
sections of trail...For instance rather than ride the downhill
switchback corners, he'd come in "hot" and glide straight through the
backside of the corner and then stop, pick up his bike and manually
turn it 180 degrees and continue to ride.... That was with us calling
out and warning him about the impending corner, and no he didn't skid
the back tire as so many less cool or talented riders would do...Well
except once when Jay was out front and got surprised by one of the
several downed trees laying across the trail. In that instance he
plowed up a bunch of leaf litter with his locked up rear tire and just
barely stopped in time to keep from impaling his face on the downed
tree...It all ended fine and was quite funny actually! My cleats are
so worn out that I was pre releasing from my pedals at the worst
possible moments, like on the Alpha Road just getting up to speed and
on the first decompression ridge I lifted the bike off the ground
underneath me and pulled my left foot right out of the pedal...That's
always an attention getter right out of the starting gate to be flying
along at twenty mph 18" off the ground and trying to land without
crashing with only one foot on the bike! Later. while crawling up a
steep skinny pitch in granny the same left foot pulled out and when I
went to step off the bike to the left I got nothing but air as I
pitched off the trail and rolled down the bank with bike tangeld in
legs....Very funny indeed...New cleats are "in the mail" sez
Nashbar...Keith was the only one who had no mechanicals or crahses...I
don't know what's up with that! The Ladybugs are back in force at
Humbug Creek. Jay got some good photos of that scene and of the rest
of the ride. Stay tuned for the photo gallery at the Team website. PS:
Jay stopped by Auburn Bike Works on the way home and they fixed his
brakes for $5. An adjsutment screw was loose and backing itself
out...nothing a little teflon tape wont fix! Later daze.
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