Thursday, December 18, 2014

Super Sweet Electric Norco BigFoot Build

Check this out, Electric Norco Bigfoot.

The guy makes his own front wheel to house the electric motor by bolting together two rims to fit the gigantic tire!

Also, came across this effective cycling awareness and re-humanizing campaign via People for Bikes called Travel with Care.

The ads feature people in their regular clothes next to their bikes and some of the labels they carry.

Here's one of their posters. Kind of hard to generate a whole ton of anti-cycling hate for a firefighter standing next to her high end mountain bike. Cyclists are people first. I am still having trouble understanding how drivers stop seeing cyclists as people so blithely.

On an unrelated note, my new housemate has a crazy trike with two wheels up front and one in back. He has several build outs for the cargo area up front including a really comfy theatre chair!

It is scary as hell to try and corner at anything about crawling speed but it is super fun to ride around down on the Boardwalk.
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