Monday, January 09, 2012

This is Bicycling!

Giant Sully by fenriq
Giant Sully, a photo by fenriq on Flickr.

Do you remember that feeling when you first swung your leg over a bike and pedaled off on it?

The look on my son's face here is that same look, the expression of pure happiness in just the simple act of pedaling a bicycle around a dirt course.

In becoming a parent I am able to view and review the world through my kid's eyes. They are astonished by the world around them. The world is non-stop magical awesomeness to them.

And that feeling of freedom and self-empowerment when you pedal a bike all on your own is one of the purest and most wonderful sensations there is.

I love riding bikes with my kids because they make me feel like a kid again too.

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