Saturday, October 22, 2011

Because They Could! Super Monster (36x8!) Fat Tire Bike!

UndergroundVelo 36x8 Vintage Fat Bike, WTF!?

Saw this monster posted on G+ earlier today and have not been able to close the tab since. I keep coming back to gawk at this monster of monster fat tired bikes. Those tires are 36 inches high and 8 inches across, my current rather beefy tires on my mountain bike are a mere 26 inches high and 2.25 inches across.

I want to try it out and see just how hard it is to get rolling and keep rolling, how hard it is to climb even a moderate hill and what it would feel like while descending. I have no doubt it would roll well over packed sand but it might be too freakishly heavy for snow or loose sand. Heck, with some outriggers it might even float because of those big honking tires!

Some thoughts: It looks like it is set up for a nearly 1:1 ratio, maybe a little biased towards the rear sprocket but it looks close. It does not appear to have brakes. What is up with the spooge spot next to the front wheel?

But really, its just a freaking insane bike and sometimes insane is just plain fucking awesome!

There are a couple more pics on the link but not much more info. I expect there will be more info forthcoming as more and more bike folks get a gander and demand to know more!
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