Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trading Diamonds for Hoops

Radical-looking RoundTail bike claims radically smoother ride because the traditional rear triangle of the bike's frame is replaced with two round hoops that are purported to help soak up bumps and provide a gentler ride.

I'm always interested in bicycle designs and this one seems like a rather interesting solution to a bumpy problem. I don't think this would work in a mountain bike set up as it seems like the rough surface would induce more of a pogo-ing effect.

But I could definitely see this bike on the road in skinny bike form as pictured here or, as one commenter suggests, as a cruiser. It could also be set up as a commuter/town bike too and those rear hoops could easily double as pannier mounts to go touring.

I love clever and this is a pretty clever solution. Even if it will take a while to get used to the hoop-y style frame.
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