Friday, December 03, 2010

Round Up and Link Down

 Lots of stuff going on in the two wheel world. Here's some of those things that have made me take a second look. Note, use of the words two wheel world, is just a loose guideline and often links will be about machines that straddle different categories of vehicle.

Green Pedal and Mikey Baroni could use your business if you are in the Montery area and need stuff delivered locally. His rates are reasonable and he's a good guy. Give him a shout at 831-920-8181 and keep his wheels spinning. Tip o' the helmet to BikeMonterey for the info.

When biking and camping collide – the Bikamper  The whole thing weighs in at 1.63 kg (3.59 lbs), and stuffs down into a small pack that can be strapped to your handlebars or rack. This is a cool idea but does have some limitations (like you're not riding your bike once you've set up your tent for the night). But it could be quite useful.

Quadro to sell four wheeled tesseract-style motorcycle - building off the success and, reportedly, hooliganizing fun of the Piaggo MP3 and Yamaha Tesseract, designer Luciano Marabese's new venture, Quadro, promises to push the envelop with beautiful and highly functional machines that defy categorization.

The Hanebrink electric bike is not your standard electric bike offering. It has massively wide tires, a fairly traditional frame and it laughs (probably robotically) at steep, steep hills.

From Kent's Bike Blog: Rumble Strips Can Be Done Right! Rumble strips that take up space in the bike lane effectively ruin that bike lane for use. There is a better way and Kent has the map to it.

Unsure of what to get the pedalhead in your life? Check out Richard's Cyclelicious 2010 Cyclist Gift Guide for some good ideas (though I can admit that I am not anywhere near the sock fetishist he is). And what the heck, let's add in a few more gift guides for cyclists and triathletes.'s generic ideas but does have some rather good advice (buy upgrades for your cyclist but don't have them put on). Here's Ten Great Gifts for Triathletes and REI's Gifts for Cyclists.

And if an electric motor on your bike seems a little tame (I'd lean more towards lame but that's me) then maybe you'd prefer a rocket powered mountain bike?

And lastly but not leastly, No More Senseless Bicycle Deaths! - Sign the Petition at
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