Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Two Wheel News Around the Internets

Paper Boneshaker - "Just how much does Japanese designer Shinichi Iwami love bicycles? Enough to have 1/24 scale kits laser-cut out of 0.5mm black paper with enough precision and detail that they require a scalpel, tweezers, glue, instructions, and nerves of steel to assemble." This is so beautiful and awesome that it just kills me a little bit. The graphic to the right is how the kit arrives. Found via the new-to-me and awesome BikeHacks.

Md. Bicycle Racers Injured By Tacks On Race Route - There were some pretty unpleasant injuries (unless you like fractured knees) resulting from some jerk intentionally putting large tacks on a corner of the course. The link has video shot by one of the racers via his helmet cam. Here is hoping they catch the perp or perps and make them pay for their stupidity.

Why am I hungry for tacos all of a sudden?

SF Police seek help in finding stolen Buddy Bike ridden by 9 yo autistic girl.
Update: The bike has been recovered and will be returned to the girl! Woot!

Live Oak father shot at while retrieving son's stolen bike - I've got nothing to add to this except that this whole story is pretty effed up all the way around.

Shuttle Smith Debuts - A Bike Shuttle from Aptos to SDSF/Nisene. It isn't inexpensive but it sure is convenient unless you need a 12 mile vertical climb to get warmed up properly. He's got space for 9 bikes, riders and all their gear inside the truck (no bikes hanging off the back) via MBoSC.

MotoCzysz demonstrates superior electric power with IOM TT Zero win - For those of you who have never enjoyed the insanity that is the Isle of Man TT Races. Check out this video of a practice lap by legend John McGuinness.

Nokia's Bicycle Charger Kit a stroke of genius that strongly resembles the exact same tech from forty years ago used to generate a weak beam of light while simultaneously wearing out your tire sidewall a hundred times faster than without it. I guess genius is in the eye of the PR person.

And I'm going to go ahead and skip linking to the guy who turned a monster truck tire into a new tall bike. You've probably seen the video. Its a neat idea on paper but the on the road reality is that propelling a massive tire like that takes a huge amount of energy and the thing would be soundly defeated by even a slight incline. Add a bunch more seats and the ability to share the pedal load with your pals and it'd be much cooler. Add a flamethrower and dancing platform and it'd be perfect for Burning Man.
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