Thursday, June 03, 2010

Today's Ride By the Numbers

Distance ridden: 16 miles
Time: 1 hour almost to the second
Surface: Paved and occasionally covered in loose gravel
Crashes: None but came very close on one gravelly corner

Epiphanies realized: 4 or 5
Epiphanies forgotten by the end of the ride: 4 or 5

Blog posts thought up: 5
Blog posts written down once back at home: 1, this one

Interesting sights: A teenage couple dry humping on a bench next to the slough, three times. They vamoosed after the third trip.

Snakes seen:2
Ticks found: 1
Ticks found attached to me and sucking my blood, the little bastards: 0
Ticks squished into icky messes: 1

Good deeds: 1. Returned a lost bag to a couple walking their punt dogs.
MILFs: 2
Not-MILFs: 6
Times I wish I'd worn bike shorts: at least 2 dozen and not because of the MILFs

No matter what, even a bad ride is better than a good day at the office and a great ride pretty much trumps everything.
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