Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Two Wheel News Round Up

Lots of stuff has been happening in the world of bicycling and I wanted to grab a few bits I've noticed to share.

The first is the accompanying photo to this post, it is my submission to Kona's Shoot the Ride Contest. Don't know when the deadline to submit is but they will be announcing winners in May so it's probably soon if you want to get in.

There are Catlike helmets on the way to the US. I'm not sure what I think of them, they remind me of golf balls.

Congrats to Cyclelicious for topping London Cyclists' Top 50 cycling blogs of 2010!

Lazer Urbanize Bicycle Helmet has an integrated headlight and taillight. Looks like it could use some venting or it might get a bit hot but otherwise its a pretty good looking lid. And for a mere hundred bucks its a bargain, unless the lights are crap...

Hotel offers cycle for your supper deal where hotel guests can pedal to provide power and, if they exceed 10 watt hours (which I'm not quite clear on) then they will get a free meal from the hotel. Sounds like a great idea to me!

And sad news, Bahati rider, Jorge Alvarado, killed during training ride in Southern California. Donations to his family can be made through So Cal Cycling.

Paul over at Bike Intelligencer has been killing it lately with posts. His Sea Otter coverage was far better than mine and he wasn't even there!

Also, in the wake of my cramptastic Sea Otter Classic cross country race, I am devouring race prep information so as to avoid making the same mistakes (I prefer making brand new mistakes!). Here are some other resources I am tapping to knowledgify myself. Common Errors in Triathlon Training and Racing, - Race Day! and Racing Your Bike – Race Preparation for Non-Racers via the always excellent

There will be more to come, I'm sure!
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