Friday, April 16, 2010

Questions about Racing at the Sea Otter Classic

It is now T-Minus 2 days until my first mountain bike race at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey (which kicked off yesterday!) and I'm finding that I have some questions that aren't being answered by Sea Otter FAQ's and whatever other resources I've been able to uncover.

So I thought I'd write up a quick post to see if I could capitalize on all of the collected knowledge of my cycling friends who've many years of experience at the two wheeled delight that is the Sea Otter Classic.

So here we go:

In the Sea Otter Athlete FAQ they say I need long pants, a long sleeve shirt, a helmet with a mouth guard. This seems excessive and incredibly hot and I've got photos of numerous racers in shorts, short sleeved shirts and no apparent mouth guard. What's the real deal?

If I drive down to the race on Sunday morning, how much time am I going to need from arrival to registration to getting to the line for the start?

Is there any place to stash extra gear (like warm clothes) during the race so I don't have to leave every possible thing in my car?

I'm guessing hydropacks are permitted but I haven't seen anything specific saying so. Yes on hydropacks?

Are kids 12 and under really free? I saw it on one of the SOC pages but haven't seen it anywhere else.

I'm sure I'll develop more questions as we move forward and will try to get back here and add them but these questions should get the ball rolling. Any insights would be most welcome!
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