Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ibis and Fat Cyclist Work Together To Fight Cancer

From today's Ibis Cycles Newsletter:
We've got a lot of Ibis news coming at you very soon, but we wanted to send this news as a stand-alone newsletter so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. It has a lot to do with bikes and Ibis, so please read on.

Many of you may know about our good friend Elden Nelson. He writes a very popular and funny blog called Fat Cyclist. Unlike many blogs, Elden's has a purpose, and that is to fight cancer.

Elden lost his wife Susan to cancer this year. It was a very long and difficult, tear-jerking battle that he chronicled beautifully in his blog. She was young and they have 4 kids.

However, Elden spent no time feeling sorry for himself. Even before Susan's death, he put his energy into fundraising efforts that benefit cancer research. As we write this, this year "Team Fatty" has raised $695,290.00 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation -- a record amount. We think that's an incredible accomplishment.

Last year Ibis helped him raise $40,000.00 by raffling off a Silk SL road bike. All of that money went to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Every penny. This year we're doing it again, but a little differently.

We at Ibis appreciate your attention to this. It's for a very good cause, cancer affects all of us.
Raffle Details

* Winner chooses any complete Ibis he or she wants. Choose from:
o Mojo SL
o Hakkalügi
o Tranny
o Silk SL
* Choose your size and color too.
* The winner also gets a ride with Elden "Fatty" Nelson, Scot "Chuck Ibis" Nicol and our super duper special guest, Andy Hampsten.
* Winner then gets a plane flight from wherever they are to wherever we collectively decide we want to ride, as long as both are in the US of A.
* This raffle is only open until midnight (Mountain time) Tuesday, Oct 20.
* Raffle tickets are $5 each. That's all. The more you enter the greater your chance of winning.

You can read a lot more (and funnier) information about the raffle on Elden's site.

Chuck even spewed a bit about it.

If you could (after you personally donate), please spread the word to your friends, co-workers, fellow slackers and maybe any websites, twitter, facebook, blogs or wherever else you feel people might like hearing this story and be willing to help.

Don't leave it up to others to donate. Do it yourself and pass along the word.


Not Convinced? Look at the Bikes the winner will get to choose.

MTB: The Ibis Mojo SL

Road: The Ibis Silk SL

MTB: The Ibis Tranny

Cross: The Ibis Hakkalügi

Convinced now?
Which is to say, for a mere $5 that you were probably going to waste at Starbucks, you can enter into a raffle for a fantastic cause with a chance to win a fantastic bike of your choice. This is what is called a win-win situation. I know what bike I'm hoping to be able to choose with my donation. What about you?
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