Monday, August 03, 2009

What if a Motorcycle has 4 Wheels?

That title could have just as easily been, Is a 4 wheeled motorcycle still a motorcycle? What makes a motorcycle a motorcycle, is it the number of wheels or the way that it moves on the road? If it is the latter than the 4MC is definitely a motorcycle and maybe even a game changer of a motorcycle at that.

Gizmag does the 4mc test ride and reports that this crazy contraption has much to offer the traditional two wheel motorcyclist. The short answer is that it has a ton to offer, as in, nearly impossible to lose traction and wipe out. The four tires offer a crazy amount of contact patch with the road and the mechanical system makes it full leanable even at a standstill without falling over.

It is a pretty amazing machine and I'd love to check it out first hand by giving it a test ride. It could very well change the face of motorcycling and make it way safer. The other interesting bit in the story is that it is classified as a trike (despite the clearly visible fourth wheel) which opens it up to operation by people with regular car licenses.

Now imagine this motorcycle with a big old screamer engine like a Hayabusa or V-Max in it! It could cook like nobody's business! Coolness indeed!
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