Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tahoe Mountain Biking - June 2009

Chris put together this great set of photos from our mountain biking trip in June 2009. Most of the photos were from two rides we did in North Lake Tahoe. One ride was near Northstar / Truckee area, the other was on the Tahoe Rim Trail and various other trails near Tahoe City. We had a great time despite a couple of early crashes. I will have a scar on my shin to remind me of this trip for the rest of my life. Probably should have gotten a couple of stitches, or at least a couple of butterfly stitches. After my two crashes I lowered the air pressure in my front tire as it kept washing out in the loamy decomposed granite on some of the trails. The weather was perfect and it was a nice little mini vacation for me. We enjoyed many fine cocktails, excellent lasagna prepared by Matt and a nice bottle of Malbec!
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