Monday, March 23, 2009

Bariani Road Race - Elite 5's

Mark S. and I were the only Rio's in this race.  It started off sunny & warm and the pack stayed together for the first lap.  I was 4th up the KOM and feeling pretty good.  There was actually a slight tailwind along the 505 and County Road section, so that part of the course was super easy.  The real challenge was the long straight away right after the KOM, and of course the rollers getting to the KOM.  One the 2nd lap, a couple of storms rolled through and we were getting soaked with rain, hail and crazy ass wind gusts.   The wind pushed one guy right into my front wheel.  I kept it upright then proceeded to get the hell out of that crazy pack.  It was just crazy windy.  I moved to the left and the pack slowed down a bit.  I felt great so I took a flyer.  Stupid move really (and I knew it), as I burned a lot of energy out there alone in the wind.  As I was out there all alone on County Rd 14 I had to lean my bike hard to the left just to keep it upright. I was getting blown all over the place and being pelted by hail and rain.  They caught up with me in the rollers, then a small group got away.  Then it broke all apart.  I saw the Cat 5 chaperone guy pass me, then I knew I was pretty much off the back.  I dug deep and grabbed onto whatever wheel I could.  I finally got in with a group of about 7 or eight and worked with them all through the final lap.  After the KOM only three of us were left.  As we made the final left hand turn only two of us were left.  I sat on his wheel and zipped past him at the line for 15th place.  I just kept telling myself the epic conditions were like racing in Belgium!  Overall I had a blast and the crazy weather conditions just made it that much more fun. 

Some interesting ride stats:

Distance:  30.1 miles
Average Speed:  22 mph
Max Speed: 45 mph
Elapsed Time: 1 hour 21 minutes
Min Temp: 48 degrees F
Max Temp: 82 degrees F (probably not that hot, more like 62)
Average HR: 165
Max HR: 174
Total Ascent: 800'

This was my last race as a 5, so I'll see y'all soon in the 4's!
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