Sunday, January 04, 2009 Engages in Some Bad Marketing

I got a DVD in the mail the other day from a company called Kind of odd because I never signed up with them to get anything but I figured maybe someone had signed me up and sent a gift or something (hey, its happened before).

So I opened up the package and read the information inside. What it turned out to be was an unsolicited mailing for a pay-for DVD. They actually wanted me to send them $12.95 and sign up for a subscription to get more. The $12.95 they asked for is a special price and future DVDs would be at regular prices (which aren't disclosed) and with shipping and the rather bullshitty handling slapped on.

They did have a pre-paid return envelope which was good because there's simply no flippin' way I'd ever pay to return their unwanted, unordered and unsolicited marketing materials.

I have operated under the impression that, if someone mails something to you without you asking them to and then they demand payment for it, then they have zero legal grounds to stand on. You mail me crap and then demand payment? Suck balls, you lose.

At the bottom of the intro letter/soft sell, there's a paragraph that gives instructions on how to return the DVD. However, because I didn't ask for it, I'm not obligated to do anything and could consider it a free gift.

The thing of it is, if they'd sent the DVD and said it was a free gift to begin with, I'd be ten times more inclined to give the subscription a try. But, because they resorted to stupid ass bad marketing they have no chance of getting any business from me now or ever and I am writing this blog post to highlight how idiotic this marketing campaign is.

The DVD itself has motorcycle content on it but it seems much more targeted at the cruiser set. It has a bike build with somebody I've never heard of and a chapter on Sturgis. The bonus features are two people I don't know, one of whom is called Chopper Dave. I'm not a cruiser, I've never been a cruiser and I do not have much interest in what I consider poser bikes. I'm a practical guy riding a motorcycle that moves quickly, gets good mileage and doesn't cost as much as a car.

So, nice job, You sent me something I didn't want and then tried to get me to pay you for it. Thanks but no thanks.
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