Monday, January 12, 2009


That's the number of mile I rode over the past 3 day weekend!  It felt great to get out on the bike and get in some good base mileage.  The weather was cool and crisp, but most importantly is was sunny!  It's amazing how much the sun can boost your mood.  The past couple of weeks were rough being stuck in the fog.  Friday I rode from Rocklin up to Newcastle, then down to Granite Bay & back on a variety of nice country roads for a total of 46 miles.  Sunday Joe, Erik & I headed out towards Camp Far West Lake past Lincoln & Sheridan.  This was Erik's first ride back on the bike since "semi-retiring" late last year ;-) so it was great to have his company out there again, total of 47 miles.  The routes are mostly flat with varying rolling terrain.  No more than 1800' of climbing each day.  On Sunday morning my quads were extremely tight and it hurt pretty good walking down the stairs.  Erik and I went out for a quick spin Sunday afternoon, and then my legs felt much better.  Today is a full rest day, not doing anything at all, zip, zero nada!  My legs feel pretty good today, and my sit zone (aka ass) is a bit sore.... Later this week I hope to do some lunch time rides and maybe throw in some intervals sessions on the trainer as well.  I love this beautiful Spring like weather, but I know we really really really need some more rain & snow.  California is going to be in a serious drought situation if we don'd get some more storms this winter.  I've heard the snow up in Tahoe being described as 'cement' right now.  Not much fun for sledding or skiing.
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