Sunday, December 21, 2008

Granite Bay Cyclocross 12/21/2008

Here are some photos from the cyclycross race out at Granite Bay today. I'm not in any of these photos as the guy who took them raced in my group. Hopefully I'll be able to dig up a few photos of myself later as others post them. It was a fun race. We got soaking wet, muddy and sandy! The course was great. A huge thanks to Riche Maile and for putting together another great course. Also thanks to the Sacramento Golden Wheelmen for hosting the race. It was indeed a true cyclocross experience today.

I started off in the front row, managed to hang onto 3rd place for about the first half of the first lap, then had to slow down a bit. Didn't want to blow up too soon. There were two good straight away sections, and the rest of the course was tight, twisty, muddy, and sandy singletrack! There was one huge sand pit which I managed to power through on 2 laps. Dabbed on one lap, and on the final lap I just knew I didn't have enough gas left to power through. So I shouldered the bike and ran. At the end of the race I quickly changed out of my muddy, sandy wet clothes. That was a huge struggle in and of itself. Glad I brought some hot tea for an after race warmup! I had a blast and am really starting to dig cyclocross!

This photo right here, pretty much sums up how we all looked after racing today.
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