Monday, September 15, 2008

Not Exactly a Two Wheeler But a Wicked "Whoa" Factor

The Deus Ex Machina Wheeled Exoskeleton is the brainchild of a design student and is unlike anything I've ever seen outside of futuristic comic books.

The basic idea is an exoskeleton you strap yourself into that then lowers to a road going posture (think of a cross between a hang glider and a motorcycle, sort of). You wear the vehicle and become a sort of hybrid human/machine. It uses electric propulsion which will make it insanely quick and it has a hydraulic system to go from upright to "attack mode".

But it is also, sadly, just a design project at this point. I truly hope the designer puts one together as its a fascinating concept that would be even cooler to see in action.

While I'd love to try one out, I'm not so sure I'd want to use this thing as my commute transport. I can only imagine how unpleasant an accident would be with this contraption strapped on your back.
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