Sunday, September 07, 2008

Auburn MTB Ride

We had a great ride up in Auburn yesterday morning. It was already quite hot at 8AM, so I'm glad we started early. Saw lots of cute college "co-eds" aka "daily distractions" out on a trail training run. Did the usual loops of Stagecoach, Manzanita, Mossy Rock, Clementine, Culvert and Confluence. The Culvert Trail area recently had a wildwire so parts of the trail were destroyed by bulldozers once again. This will be a mess once the rain starts. Many of the trees on the lower parts of the trail are totally scorched as you can see in the photo album. I felt pretty good on the mountain bike today after not having ridden it much all year. I cleaned all the technical sections except for the super steep climb on Mossy Rock which I've never cleaned anyways... Back at the cars we saw even more "daily distractions". This time a bunch of hot nektars riding through on road bikes. They had some sort of SF to NY jerseys on. Overall a fun day. Check out the photo album link below.

Auburn Photo Album
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