Saturday, August 09, 2008

Today's Lesson: Tighten The Bolts on your Rack

On a trip up into Santa Cruz earlier today with my two boys, my cruiser, the Wee Ride for Sully and the Trail-a-Bike for Grady we nearly had to abort the entire mission. Because I'd failed to notice a locking screw on part of the new bike rack. Without it screwed down, the bracket holding the forks to the rack rattled loose and started, brace yourself, bouncing along down the highway.

It could have very easily destroyed the rack and the bike but the total damage ended up being the casing around the bracket. No damage to my bike and I always make sure to travel with my Topeak Alien multitool so it was pretty easy to get it back in place and fully secured with the screw locking it in place but good.

The rest of the trip was pretty standard if you can call riding a one speed cruiser with one kid up front and one kid trailing behind standard. The ride down to the lighthouse was pretty easy with the wind pushing us along and man, oh man did it make the ride back a workout.

Grady has a horn on his bike and was really good at using it to alert the three or four abreast walkers blocking the entire path. He would also say hi and wave alot too.

All in all it was a fun outing and next time will be even better.
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