Friday, July 18, 2008

From the Top to the End

I started at the Top of the World (well, sort of, I did pedal in from Seabright which included a detour because the bridge was being retrofitted). Top of the World is Hole #27 at Delaveaga Disc Golf Course above Delaveage (regular) Golf Course. The view, on a clear day, is fantastic. Today wasn't such a clear day but it was still beautiful and sunny and awesome.

Here's a good photo of my old school steel Ibis Mojo. It isn't the lightest bike in the world and it doesn't have 8 inches of rear travel (or any) but I love it and it can totally cook ass when I put the hammer down. Much happier with my small "horn" bar ends.

Here's a close up of my camera rig on my handlebars. Nothing too fancy but it works pretty well. I think I'd get a lot less shake and blur if it were on my helmet but then the camera angle would be much higher.

And the view across the camera down the trail.

Trail's end out at the point between Main Beach and Seabright (or Castle) Beach in Santa Cruz. Better images and video to be uploaded and appended here later, maybe tomorrow depending on how long I last.

By the by, apologies if the formatting doesn't quite work out properly. I'll see how it publishes and adjust from there. Maybe.
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