Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Team Baggy Reunion Ride

From SouthYuba1119...

Chris and family were down visiting on their way to Paso Robles for Thanksgiving so we put together a great ride up on the South Yuba Trail out of Nevada City. John, Keith, Rich, Chris and I met up at 8:15AM for an early ride so we would have enough time for lunch and a few beers afterwards. We had two single speeds, Rich on his Monocog 29er, and Keith on his Merlin Titanium. Chris was on his very sweet rigid Niner MCR 29er. John and I were the only two on full suspenders. John had a sweet new Giant Trance, and I had my trusty Giant Reign. It was forecast to rain, and the weatherman did not disappoint. As soon as we started turning the pedals the raindrops began to fall. No problem though as we were all prepared and were going to ride regardless of the rain or not. After the first 20 minute climb it was raining pretty good and we were getting a bit wet. We stopped after a super fun descent and put on some additional rain gear. Then it was a bit more fire road climbing and then the super fast fund Missouri Bar descent down to the South Yuba River. This was just a blur of green on the side of the trail with a small single track covered in leaves. The left side of the trail is quite exposed with some pretty good drops down the side of the hill. It requires full concentration and good brakes! Once we reached the South Yuba Trail its a mixture of rolling terrain with some switchbacks, steep climbs, stream and slippery bridge crossings. We stopped at the picnic benches and had a quick bite to eat, not sitting down of course due to the rain. From there it's a quick 4 miles back to the cars on a fast rolling section with one bitch ass little climb at the very end. Overall it was a great day and we all were in great spirits. I actually enjoyed the rain. It was a nice change of pace and I had the proper clothing to keep me warm for the most part! After we changed out of our soaking we clothes and enjoyed a couple of frosty malted beverages courtesy of Rich, we were off for some lunch at South Pine in Nevada City.

We didn't get too many photos due to the rain but Chris was shooting helmet cam video, so can't wait to see some of that footage!

Jay's Photos

Chris' Photos
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