Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Its Not the Flight, Its the Landing That Hurts

We got out for a good ride through lower Nisene Marks yesterday, withthe two dogs and later hooked up with a buddy and his dog too.

We also exploredsome tails that I'd never run before that were quite spectacular. Technical singletrack along the side of a hillwith sweeping dropoffs down to the creek below. Loads of fun and only partially sucky because I rammed a branch into my rear derailleur early on. It made my shifting a little wonky but workable.

After someloops and a good deal of sweating, we headed back out to the trailhead. Because we haven't gotten any rain in a few weeks, it was dusty and I was already parched. Distraction, tiredness and a root conspired to turn my ride into a short flight with an abrupt landing.

I was riding last in the group and had too much dust in my eyes so I couldn't see the root too well. And that was all she wrote, I went sailing over my bars which had suddenly turned sideways on me. My left shoulder and hip bore the brunt of the fall but I rolled through it and ended up back on my feet about five feet down the trail from where I started.

After a quick damage assessment, I straightened my bars out, tested my brakes and took off after my pals. Both bar end caps broke off so now I had two sharp holes pointing out front. My shoulder was abraded up a bit, my hip was purpling but I came through it pretty okay and happy as I've not wiped out in a good long while and figured I got off easy.

I'm fairly sore today but that was to be expected. A couple of Advil seems to do the trick. And I'll need to get some time fixing my bike back up again. But I'm looking forward to our next ride already!
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