Thursday, March 01, 2007


Shimano's joint Coasting project with Trek, Raleigh & Giant bikes is a great idea! It makes bike riding simple again. For many people the idea of riding a bike is scary. Many bike shops do not often cater to the casual or recreational cyclist, especially women. The idea of shifting gears, braking etc. is just too complicated for most to understand. So the goal with Coasting is to just make it fun and simplify everything. The bikes are auto shifting and have simple coaster brakes. Good enough for most people to get out for some exercise and most importantly have some fun!

So check out Coasting and pass the word along. Americans need to get off their collective fat lazy asses and start riding. The more people who ride bikes the more visible it becomes. The more visible it is the more likely local city governments are to approve funding for additional bike lanes and create safe biking routes for all to enjoy.
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