Friday, November 10, 2006

Part Bike, Part Rowing Machine

The guy who invented rollerblades has come up with something that probably won't see quite as widespread adoption but damn does it look like you get a wicked workout doing it.

Check out the Rowbike and see what happens when you no longer pedal but you row with your upper body.

I love rowing and wish I had the space and cash for a rowing machine in the house. The Rowbike looks like fun but I don't see it doing any offroading or any real distance anytime soon. Part of the reason I love biking is to enjoy the ride and be able to look around, this looks like its a helluva lot of work.

But I wouldn't mind playing around on one for a little while.

Which reminds me, I need to get a second set of brake levers and grips so I can build up my other handlebars again for my cruiser. That way I can easily switch the bars in and out so I can use my WeeRide and take Grady out for rides or use the taller bars that I love so much. Always some project in the works.

Like the Szaz that needs a major overhaul and upgrade too!
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