Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lex's New Bike

Lex has quickly outgrown his bike with small 12" tires. So I got him one of these nice little Specialized Bikes with 16" tires. Not sure if he'll get it for Christmas or his birthday though. He's really turning into a fast little bike rider. Gee I wonder why? At the park in Palo Alto, he's jamming on the dirt trails and even bombing down a 20-30' grass hill with a pretty decent slope to it. He loves to get up to speed and then skid as far as he can. He gets pedaling so fast his feet end up flying off the pedals. At home in the neighborhood the other kids have 16" wheeled bikes now and he just can't keep up with them on his little 12" wheels, he's simply out geared. Not for long though. I'm sure soon enough there will be ramps & jumps appearing, first we gotta get the training wheels off though. I had my buddy pick up the bike for me at Art's Cyclery in San Luis Obispo. Check them out if you're ever down that way!
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