Monday, November 06, 2006

Handy Dandy Guide to Motorcycle Laws

Curious about what you can legally do on a motorcycle?

Read the Motorcycle Riding Laws by State.

And yes, lane splitting is legal in California. I'd go nuts if I had to sit in traffic on my bike. Every so often, I'll be riding in to work and I'll pass some dude put-putting along with the slow ass traffic. And not necessarily a guy on a huge hog with handlebars three feet across. I don't get it but that's alright, some guys aren't comfortable with the whole lane splitting thing. Maybe its better that way too. Lane splitting isn't for the meek. And its not really a good idea for someone with, um, marginal skills.

That said, this morning was a tight ride. It seems like people are either distracted or being jerks alot more often and drifting into the center lane (you know, the one with the bumps). I actually even tagged a mirror with one of mine, that adds a whole other level of not-fun to the commute.

I can't wait to relocate to a better house nearer my work or nearer to Santa Cruz. And not just because a couple of people were randomly stabbed not too far from my house last week although it definitely doesn't help.
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