Saturday, October 21, 2006

End of the Day at the Park

End of the Day at the Park
End of the Day at the Park,
originally uploaded by Johnny Huh.
Hard to see but that was kind of the point, there's a group of kids on their bikes just below the setting sun. They're up on a hill at the start of a short but pretty nice little jump course.

Its one of those things where I see it all the time but I'm never in the position to take advantage. The bike park is located at the dog park and whenever I am there, I've got Nande who wouldn't do well with the jumps. Or maybe she would. I also usually have two small children and my wife so there's the additional obstacle to taking advantage of the jump course.

Some of the guys that get out there and ride get pretty impressive air. One jump will get them fourteen or fifteen feet in the air. And there are always the little guys on their small bikes, just getting their bike legs going and learning.

I can't wait to teach my boys how to ride bikes. I'm starting to think about buying a dirt bike too.
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