Saturday, September 02, 2006

Way Back Machine

Honda CB500 Bushman
Honda CB500 Bushman,
originally uploaded by Johnny Huh.
This bike was old when I had it way back in 1992. I was, as you can see, an idiot when I bought this cranky old relic of a bike. But I rode it once and loved it. It was, sadly, a piece of shit that conked out in the rain or sometimes in heavy morning fog.

But it was also great fun to ride when it ran. I bought this as my first transportation in Cape Town, South Africa. I had previously been limited to riding my Ibis Avion mountain bike. On which I had a pair of slicks that let me burn up and down the flanks of Table Mountain.

It wasn't very fast but ithad a good presence and sounded good. It was a Honda CB500 Bushman and it was the first of two motorcycles I owned while I lived overseas. The other was a Suzuki Katana 550. I'll post that one some other time.
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