Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Road Rage and Partially Resurfaced Highways

Charges coming in road rage incident that I reported last week where some jerk slammed on his brakes in front of a biker and the biker impaled his leg on the guy's stick on wing.

The other thing here is the last question about the resurfacing of Highway 1. This is my commute. They repaved one whole side almost all the way up the northbound route. Which left a two to five inch lip between the fast lane and the slow lane. A lip that just happens to run right down the center of the center lane that bikers use when the traffic, inevitably, comes to a crawl or stop.

And, instead of finishing off the northbound side and evening out the two lanes, they decided to do the same damned thing going south. So now my morning and evening commutes are along a highway with a built-in danger shoulder that I have to negotiate in addition the jackasses in their trucks and SUVs.

I think it may be time to start the search for the mythical Old San Jose route home.

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