Thursday, July 20, 2006

Metro/Regional News - A wheel deal for Sacramento -

This is great news! The 2007 Amgen Tour of California will be coming to Sacramento.

Metro/Regional News - A wheel deal for Sacramento - - Sorry you have to log into to to read this article. But it's a good read.

Sacramento is a great cycling hub and a few pros have grown up and trained here. The 32 mile American River Bike Trail is one of a kind, and a truly great resource. Where else can you go out and ride for 64 miles and not once worry about getting hit by a car? Of course there are other obstacles to watch out for like strollers, roller bladers, kids, etc. But that comes with the territory. Anyways I really enjoyed watching a couple of stages of the Tour fo California last year and it's great to see new cities bidding for the chance to host a stage.

AEG Announces Host Citis for 2007

I will be taking some time off again for sure to watch a couple of stages next year.
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