Friday, July 28, 2006

The Folsom Peloton

I discovered this group via a posting on last year. It's a great group to ride with. There are racers and recreational riders alike. The group usually starts off together in Folsom, but then after a warmup period the group naturally starts to break up into smaller packets of riders. The A group is the faster riders and the B group is just a bit slower. So there's always someone to ride with. If you live in the near vicinity of Folsom you should definitley come out and ride. You'll make some new friends and get in some great riding.

The Folsom Peloton Cycling Group is not a club. There are no dues, and no meetings. We exist to provide an environment where road cyclists can engage in group rides, improve their riding skills, prepare for goal events, and socialize with fellow cyclists while gaining valuable information related to nutrition, training and bicycle maintenance among other topics. Whether you are a recreational cyclist, training for an event or a seasoned racer, the Folsom Peloton offers something for everyone.

We offer three regular weekly rides as a part of the group ride schedule. Each ride is geared for different objectives.
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