Monday, June 05, 2006

A fun but sad day

I completed my first century ride on Saturday. Ride report to follow later. Luckily I was about 30 minutes ahead of a tragic accident that happened. Without going into too many details I will post a couple of links to news articles.

From the San Jose Mercury News:


From the Sacramento Bee:

Cyclist killed during Sierra Century ride - this site requires registration, so I'll just repost the contents below;

" AMADOR COUNTY - A 56-year-old bicyclist from Palo Alto was killed Saturday during the Sierra Century ride in Amador County when he veered into a tractor on the road, officials said.

The cyclist had pulled into the opposite lane to pass the slower-moving tractor on Fiddletown Road, east of Hale Road, witnesses said. As a car approached in the opposite direction, the cyclist swerved back into his lane and hit the side of the tractor, according to Officer Frank Peixoto of the California Highway Patrol.

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He was run over by the tractor's rear wheel. The man, whose name was not released Saturday evening pending official identification, died at the scene. "

It just goes to show you that cycling is a dangerous sport and that the rules of the road must be respected.
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