Friday, April 28, 2006

How to Spot a Scammer

It never fails. You post an ad on a classifieds page and within minutes the scammer emails start arriving. Do they think I'm stupid or something? Come one, you losers get a f-ing life and stop trying to rip people off. You are all a bunch of scum sucking asswads. I've included their email addresses as well in hopes that they will be picked up by other spam bots.

Below are a few sample emails I've received from scammers:

Fock, before I could even finished typing this post another one just came in...


Dear Sir,

I am interested in buying your GT DHi Downhill Mountain Bike - Medium - Black $1500 USD to Belgium. Payment will be by a cashier check or money order depending on your preference.I will be handling shipping and all costs incurred.Please get back to me with the final costs.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kevin Marco


Am using this medium to notify you of my interest
in particular brand of bike...,Hence the need to get
in touch with you on the negotiations.Now let me know
your giving price for this item..excluding shipping
fare, I am counting on your support in concluding this
transaction within the shortest possible time.
moreover,about the shipment my shipping agent will
handle that therefore, Let me know if you accept a
check(Drawn On Us bank) as a means of payment there
will be a excess funds on the check which you will
wire to my shipping agent for transport of the
bike,down to my branch office in united state let me
know if the copier is still in good condition and
ready to be shipped to u.s as soon as payment is been
cleared finally. Best regards stanley


i have been looking for this bike , am grad to see it , the price is ok by me. i am willing to pay.since you have assured me its in in good conditon. about the shippment it will be made by my shipper , i have just contacted my client and he has promise to send you a money order in the full amount he owes me,so you should be expecting a payment of $\ soon as you get it , take it to any local cashing outlets in your area they will get it cashed for you immedaitely ,deduct your money and extra $100 for your self , and send the balance to my shipper to enable him come for the pick up .i hope i can trust you doing this for me...
I want you to send me the Pics for more verification Confirm , email asap with your full name and adress,zip code and phone# to enable my client send you the payment .

112 Infirmary St, Leeds, LS1 2TP,
United Kingdom

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