Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Frame Update

Well, unless I can get the frame repaired I am S.O.L. My local bike shop had his Orbea rep in his shop today. He basically said, Orbea does not have a crash replacement policy, period. My local bike shop guy offered to give me $100 off a new frame, which I appreciate, but still does not help me out much. I'm really dissapointed in Orbea at this point and my put them on my blacklist of companies to not do business with again. I do have an outstanding email with Orbea directly though to see if I can get some sympathy for reporting one of their dealers who told me this frame was safe to ride. Pretty much everyone else I've asked have said "no way." I even posted a link up on roadbikereview.com to solicit unbiased opinions, and as I expected, most have said "no way." I have received some good ideas from the forum though, like getting in touch with Calfee Design to see if they can repair my frame and how much it will cost. Hopefully a lot less than a new frame.
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